Whistleblowers are the Ultimate Patriots – #ilovewhistleblowers

In anticipation of Whistleblower Appreciation Day on July 30th, here is a video discussing how whistleblowers and Qui Tam relators are “the ultimate patriots.” Please join me for a FREE Webinar on July 28th at 12:00 pm MST: Whistleblower Protections & Incentives, at ilovewhistleblowers.com.

Individuals who believe they have been subjected to retaliation for blowing-the-whistle on illegal or unethical conduct should immediately contact an attorney to learn more about their rights and options. For more information, please visit whistleblower-attorney.com.

Please join me at ilovewhistleblowers.com for more information about the history of whistleblower statutes and National Whistleblower Appreciation Day. Also, please use #ilovewhistleblowers to share this information video with others on social media.