Davies v. Lakewood Nominated for CTLA Case of the Year: Takedown of Force Science Institute Key

As I described in my past post on this case, available here, I am humbled to have represented the widow and family of Lakewood Police Agent James Davies, who was shot and killed by a fellow Lakewood PD officer. Agent Davies was a victim of the “shoot first and ask questions later” mentality of law enforcement that many police departments have adopted over the years. In particular, our civil rights lawsuit against the City of Lakewood, the supervisors who were responsible for the incident, and the shooter, was defended with this same dangerous mentality. The defendants hired supposed “experts” from the Force Science Institute, a notorious pro-policing think tank and training organization. However, theses supposed experts did nothing more than cherry-pick and mischaracterize inapplicable cognitive psychology principles. Eventually, we were able to get many of these pseudo-scientific opinions excluded from the case. This was one of the most rewarding outcomes of the case, second only to achieving a strong settlement for our clients.

As a result of the hard work of the attorneys and staff at Ogborn Mihm, and the fearlessness of our client, we were honored to be nominated for the Colorado Trial Lawyers Associations 2016 Case of the Year Award. Below is a video associated with that award that attempts to convey what we believe was the social impact of theĀ DaviesĀ case and its outcome.